HOMECase Study

Case Study

Examples of delivered Yoshikawa products being used in various fields, including chemical, food, and environmental industries, are illustrated schematically.
Examples of special specifications and applications are also introduced, including a cassette tank type feeder, a large-capacity storage silo, use in a high-temperature facility, and solidly airtight specifications.

Actual Performance Attests to YOSHIKAWA's Technology

The powder feeding capability required for feeders ranges from a few grams per minute to a hundred tons per hour.
The capacity of hoppers or silos to which they are mounted also varies from several kilograms to 2000 tons.

Proven application examples of the Circle Feeder are presented with illustrations and also proven materials, major industrial categories of users, and destination countries of past shipments are introduced.

YOSHIKAWA product solutions based on individual concrete problems, the effect of employing the products, and the proven powder and granular materials that have been applied

Application ExamplesList of Experienced Subject Materials

Introduces major user businesses in which the Circle Feeder and other YOSHIKAWA products are used.
In addition to various industrial categories, the countries to which the products have been shipped are listed.

Major User Industries