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Micro Discharger (High accuracy and a small amount of feeder)


A feeder that can precisely discharge even powder of poor fluidity.

  • Continuous feeding with accurate feed rate.
  • Less influenced by material pressure.
  • Accurate feed rate even with materials of poor fluidity.
  • Replaceable scraper makes a wide range of feed rate.
  • Effortless disassembling, easy cleaning.

The MD is a Powder Discharger which can feed a trace quantity of powder with poor fluidity.





Model MD-120 MD-180
Designed feed rate (ml/min) 0.52 ~ ~ 1667
Materials SUS304
Options scraper, and others

The specifications are subject to change for improvement, or from necessity of properties of material.
For more capability, please contact.
This feeder can be used with or without weighing equipment's.

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